Okay, sometimes you need to explain to the boss why you've spent the money on an experienced photographer, rather than spending the money buying his son/daughter a new camera. This seems to particularly apply when it comes to the Corporate Headshot – seemingly such a straightforward and innocent task, yet so easy for it to go completely wrong, too.

Your photos will look professional

Somewhat indefinable, until you see an amateur image, then it becomes immediately obvious. You will look at least as great as your competitors, and with the right photographer, a whole lot better.

They won't look cheesy

An experienced photographer knows how to relate to a people, how to position them and crucially how to interact with them to not get that “cheesy grin” look, but instead something unaffected, poised and friendly.

The camera simply captures what it sees

And your professional photographer will make sure that what is seen is properly lit, properly positioned, properly composed. As well as using many and varied bits of equipment for lighting and lighting control, only their experience in handling equipment will create a vast difference. Depending on what you need they can bring a portable studio, maximizing the quality and your time. A simple portable studio can be used to capture photographs of all staff very quickly and efficiently.

Herding cats

Part of the job is making sure that all the pictures are captured within the opportunity obtainable and with smallest job interruption. An experienced photographer knows how to sequence and manage the workflow – to make the most of their time, and yours!

It will pay for itself

Your professional will sit down with you and your team, and talk over what kinds of photographs you need. Lawyers, bankers and financial folk need to look confident – but definitely not smug! Doctors, client reps, sales staff need to be approachable, friendly and experienced. Company directors need to be assured, but not distant.

In closing

Remember you get what you pay for and what you ask for, so be clear with your photographer about how the images will be used – for web, for press, for magazines, for publications, for PowerPoint. The photographer will capture and prepare the images in diverse ways depending on how they will be used. You can come to us to use our studio, or we have a full traveling studio so we can come to you. Let’s talk soon about your biggest photographic challenges!